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About IV Sedation

It's important for you to have a positive experience by feeling comfortable and fully relaxed during your visits. MINT dentistry in Pearland, TX is pleased to offer intravenous (IV) sedation to help our patients during oral surgery. IV sedation is a method that is reserved for use during longer or more invasive procedures, like implant placement or surgical tooth extractions. This sedation dentistry method uses anti-anxiety medication, delivered directly into your vein. The medication, administered by a board-certified dentist, can help keep you calm and relaxed during oral surgery. While you will remain awake during the procedure, the relaxation may make you feel like you were asleep. The levels of medication administered will be closely monitored all throughout your procedure to ensure you are comfortable as well as safe. If you need IV sedation for oral surgery, your MINT dentistry team will discuss the process during your consultation.

Best Candidates

IV sedation is reserved for patients undergoing oral surgery. Before recommending IV sedation, a member of the MINT dentistry team will assess your medical history, current medications, and any health conditions. We will also discuss the other sedation dentistry options our practice offers before helping you choose the very best option for your situation. Our goal at MINT dentistry is to help you achieve the sexy teeth you desire while keeping you safe and comfortable during every appointment.

What to Expect

Before your IV is inserted, you will be given time to settle into a plush treatment chair in one of our well-equipped procedure rooms. Our team will provide you with a pair of Beats headphones and offer you a pair of our stylish MINT dentistry sunglasses. When you are ready, a small needle will be inserted into your vein and the anti-anxiety medicine will be administered. You will begin to feel the effects within a few short minutes. When you are fully at ease, your team will start your oral surgery. When the procedure is completely finished, the IV will be removed and, in a few minutes, you will start to wake up.

Treatment Aftercare

Since it takes a while for the effects to leave your body, you shouldn't drive for at least 24 hours following IV sedation. You should plan to have someone pick you up from our office and take you home. When you get home, we recommend you rest and hydrate, as most patients feel sleepy the remainder of the day. In some cases, you could become nauseous or experience memory loss. Do not be alarmed – these side effects are normal and typically diminish within a day of receiving the sedation. Patients very rarely have adverse reactions to IV sedation, but if you have any concerns or your symptoms persist, you should contact our office immediately.

The MINT Commitment

IV sedation may or may not be covered by your dental insurance. Prior to receiving sedation, our financial team will contact your insurance provider to determine any additional out-of-pocket costs. MINT dentistry also provides financial planning and payment options. We believe that undergoing dental procedures to improve your smile should be a positive experience. If you do not have dental insurance or cannot afford IV sedation, we encourage you to ask a member of our team about the MINT Discount Plan, which can help fit your dental care and sedation into your budget.

Oral surgery Sedation

Visits at MINT dentistry should be an enjoyable, positive experience. With IV sedation at MINT dentistry, you can experience less anxiety during oral surgery. MINT dentistry is proud to offer this option so you can be comfortable and relaxed during longer or more invasive procedures. To get more information on IV sedation during oral surgery, contact our office in Pearland, TX.

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